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Janet Devlin book and album covers

It has been so lovely to work with Janet Devlin and the amazing team behind the project for the last two year or more and things are getting released. Below is the album cover artwork as well as the book cover as well las the covers for all of the singles so far! I love […]
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Janet Devlin song releases

Throughout the year I was able to work with Janet Devlin, Louise and Rick on our dream team to create work for Janet Devlin. As mentioned previously she has some big projects lined up for 2020 and I was so lucky to be a part of them in creating the imagery. At the end fo […]
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Emily Middlemas rebrand “This is ili”

I worked again with the amazing Emily Middlemas for her rebrand in ‘ili’ which was great! With a full creative team on board including choreographer and creative director it was a fun day! As well as an amazing Dalmatian on set… what more can I ask for!
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